This project, which I have named “penna&pennello” (“pen&brush”), is intended to gather together graphologists who are also painters for fun.

During over twenty years of my passion for graphology, I have been fortunate to meet graphologists, both in and outside Italy, who enjoy painting.

The idea of “penna&pennello” stems from the need to find a solution to a serious problem: how to solve the shortage of money available to invest in research.

A science, indeed any science, cannot progress without research.

Numerous topics and questions are waiting to be examined carefully. Many hypotheses are still waiting to be verified through modern experimental methods. All this requires not only physical and mental energy; it also entails time and money.

I personally have had to give up a research because of the remarkable expense involved.  Perhaps, the same has happened to you or a graphologist you know?

One of the objectives, therefore, of “penna&pennello” is to hold an annual group exhibition.  When a painting is sold, the graphologist who painted it will receive an agreed percentage of its sale-price. The rest will be contributed to the “penna&pennello” project to create a fund devoted specifically to graphological researches. It will be organised as a charitable trust.

Obviously, both graphologists who paint and graphologists who do not paint will be entitled to apply for grants for their research. A committee, made up of five graphologists (three Italian and two non-Italian graphologists) will agree upon which research to sponsor. The committee will make public (i.e. through graphological journals) the reasons and motivation for their choice. 

If you are a graphologist as well as an amateur painter and are interested in my “penna&pennello” project, I kindly ask you to fill in the following page and send it to me before 31st October 2005.

Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will be able to give you detailed feedback on the real feasibility of this new initiative.


                                                                       Vincenza De Petrillo  

Rome, 8th September, 2005



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