A warm welcome to my graphological site.   


The name that I have chosen for my web site is my tribute to Father Girolamo Moretti, the most outstanding representative of Graphology in Italy. A token of my gratitude for broadening my mind, and my heart. Graphology has helped me to look at myself more compassionately and more realistically. And that is exactly what I usually try to do, as a professional graphologist, when outlining a personality profile: to help an individual, a couple, or a family see inner and outer reality more objectively, laying the stress on the resources and assets each one possesses in order to take life in his or her hands and give change a chance.  

Every now and then I am asked how graphology happened to become my passion and the fulcrum of my studies. I reckon the answer is to be found in the communicative power of the handwriting language. Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, appeals to me a great deal and has been of endless fascination to me all my life.  


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