Rules and conditions

Introduction The idea of “penna&pennello” stems from the need to find a solution to a serious problem: how to solve the shortage of money available to invest in graphological research.

1. “penna&pennello” is basically run by a group of five graphologists: Laura Ida Barreliere (Rome), Vincenza De Petrillo (Rome), Doris A.lfred Gauthier (Montreal), Bernadette Keefe (London), Alessandra Millevolte (Ancona). They are the Management Committee Members of “penna&pennello” whose coordinator is currently Vincenza De Petrillo.

2. The Management Committee has two major objectives : 1. organization of group exhibitions with an auction sale of art works (drawings, paintings and sculptures) by Italian and non-Italian graphologists artists-for-fun in order to raise funds for graphological research – 2. assessment of the calls for funds from Italian and non-Italian graphologists who submit proposals for their graphological research.

3. Group exhibition (plus sale on offer) are usually held in Rome, Milan, Mondolfo (Pesaro) on graphological occasions (e.g. seminars, congresses, etc...) in Graphology Schools. 

4. As this is a non-profit organisation, with currently no insurance cover for any “penna&pennello” exhibiton,  the Management Committee cannot be held responsible for any damages or theft.  We trust , therefore, that grapho-artists will mutually appreciate the need for watchful vigilance and care of all art works on display.

5. The author of each work sold is granted 40% of the sale price (with/without auction). The price/reserve price of each work is fixed by its author.

6. The returns of the sales, minus 40% to the author for each work sold, minus the charges required, for instance, for the postal account and the mounting of the exhibition, go directly to graphological research programmes.

7. The purchaser is given receipt of the amount of money paid for the work created by the grapho-artist according to laws in force.

8. Each year, in March, the grapho-artists willing to join “penna&pennello” are to fill in an enrolment form (the enrolment form can be unloaded from or obtained from Vincenza De Petrillo – Piazza A. Lorenzini, 30 – 00149 ROMA - Italy) and undersign the present code of rules and regulations.

9. The works (the number of pieces per grapho-artist will vary according to the room size and number of grapho-artists attending each group exhibition) are personally presented by the author at a place and time communicated well in advance (about one month earlier). If the author, namely the artist, is unable to attend the exhibition he/she must inform the coordinator previously. In that case the grapho-artist may entrust his/her works to a colleague some days before the exhibition takes place.

10. Any “penna&pennello” grapho-artist wishing to may have some of his/her works on line. All he/she has to do is to send a request to the coordinator who will display the works in the page “penna&pennello” of the website named Each work must be e-mailed in attachments along with the following information: name and surname of the author, title, technique used, dimensions, year.

11. Except for each member of the Management Committee, any graphologist is entitled to apply (the call for funds application form can be unloaded from or obtained from Vincenza De Petrillo,– Piazza A. Lorenzini, 30 – 00149 ROMA - Italy ) for grants to fund their graphological research. Any member of the Committee must not ask for funds to support his/her own research as long as he/she stays member of the “penna&pennello” committee. The graphologist calling for funds must undersign the present code of rules and regulations.

12. Any graphologist, belonging to any graphology school, of any nationality, is allowed to call for money just once for the same graphology research. All the research programmes must be written in Italian or in English.

13. The call for funds application form must specify: person in charge of the research (name, surname, date and place of birth, graphology studies/courses, publications) – title of the research – other members, in case of team project (name, surname, qualifications, publications) – purposes and description of the research – methods - bibliography - duration of the research – request for money to fund the project – CV.

14. The Management Committee Members will carefully examine each project sent in by 31st January each year and will agree upon which research to sponsor. Each project must be analysed and assessed according to the following criteria (score 1 to 5 for each item): 1. heuristic power (contribution to knowledge and scientific development of graphology); 2. feasibility; 3. empirical interpretability (research based on data collection and analysis/statistical computations; 4. methodological rigorousness; 5. accuracy in expressing the purposes of the research; 6. conceptual consistency/unity; 7. originality; 8 . relevance/comprehensiveness.

15. The Management Committee makes public through Italian and non-Italian graphological journals which research (or researches if possible) obtained the highest score(s) as well as the reasons and motivation for their choice(s). 

16. The earmarked sum for scientific research must sponsor the project(s) that have reached the highest score(s) as to the final choice of the Management Committee. The grants are awarded in two instalments: the first one (30%) on making public the reason and motivation for the choice of the Management committee, the second one (70%) at the end of the research on presenting the Management Committee members the results of the research itself in writing.

17. The report (written in Italian or in English) must give a description of materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions and references. Receipts of the expenses met (equipments purchased, for example) must be enclosed with the report itself. The report must be introduced by an abstract, obviously edited by the author of the research. He/she is to send the abstract to press agencies such as Ansa and Reuters, and Italian and non-Italian graphology journals as well as scientific reviews.

18. The revenues from the sales of each group exhibition will be deposited in the postal current account number 73155194 opened in the name of Laura Barreliere and Vincenza De Petrillo c/o Comitato “penna&pennello”., Piazza A. Lorenzini, 30 – 00149 Roma. They will lodge their signatures jointly.

19. The grapho-artists joining the “penna&pennello” initiative will receive annual written communication of the total amount of the fund. The statements of postal account will be at their disposal. The reason of each debit and credit will be specified.

20. On joining “penna&pennello”, the grapho-artists must be aware that they are bound to play an active role of primary importance. The successful functioning of the whole group, including the Management Committee, as well as the motivation of the single individual can be guaranteed by commitment and punctuality (i.e. deadlines, times).

21. Each grapho-artist gives authorisation to list his/her name in the poster advertising the group exhibition he/she will be attending.

22. Each graphologist that joins “penna&pennello” pledges to follow the above listed rules and regulations.

23. The above listed rules and conditions, laid down by the Management Committee, may be modified on condition that any change must be subject to agreement of two thirds of all the grapho-artists of “penna&pennello”.




The Management    Committee

Vincenza De Petrillo

I the undersigned-------------------------------------------------                                              (in print)

accept the above listed rules and conditions












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